Summer 2022 Fundraiser


As AAWW rounds out its 30th year and moves into the 10th anniversary of The Margins, our award winning digital magazine, we turn to our community for support. In the last two years, we’ve watched institution after institution close its doors: from community spaces to literary nonprofits to family owned restaurants. We are still here and we are eternally grateful for the support and enthusiasm our community of writers, readers, and lovers of Asian American and Asian Diasporic literature has shown us. We’ve been able to shift the scope of our programming, hire new team members, and increase our capacity to support writers and readers globally.

As we look toward reopening our office and event space to the public soon, we hope you’ll ring in this next phase with us by making a one time or recurring contribution of any amount.

We are raising $10,000 toward our fall season’s programming, publications, and beyond! PLUS, every donation up to $5k will be matched 1:1. Will you make a donation today to help fuel our future?